Marriage Therapy

“Turning struggles into strength, side by side.”

Building Stronger Bonds: Discover the Power of Marriage Counseling

“Turning struggles into strength, side by side.”

We understand that each marriage is unique and may face its own set of challenges. Our compassionate therapist in Los Angeles is here to assist you, whether you’re experiencing difficulties or simply wish to enhance your connection. Our personalized therapy sessions are crafted to meet the particular needs of your relationship. Begin your journey to a more fulfilling marital life today!

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What is Marriage Therapy?

Couples in Conflict

Marriage therapy, also known as marital counseling, is a type of psychotherapy aimed at helping couples understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.

Marriage therapy is a compassionate and supportive journey that offers long-term solutions for relationship issues. It provides a safe space to explore and understand the deeper emotional and psychological aspects that affect your marriage.  

Rest assured, you are not alone in this process. Licensed therapists and psychologists lead these sessions and guide you every step of the way, helping you understand and effectively address your challenges. 

Does Marriage Therapy Work?

Marriage therapy has shown to be beneficial, with approximately 90% of individuals experiencing improved emotional well-being after their therapy sessions. This report aligns with findings from the Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, which indicate that around 70% of couples undergoing marital therapy report positive relationship development.

7 Signs You Might Need Marriage Therapy

Benefits of Marriage Therapy

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Emotional Intimacy

During therapy, you and your partner will learn to openly share your deepest feelings, rebuilding trust and reigniting the spark that may have faded over time. This process will nurture a greater sense of understanding and closeness, establishing a stronger bond.

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Conflict Resolution

You'll find healthier ways to handle disagreements, emphasizing collaborative problem-solving rather than competing to win arguments. You can find common ground by listening to each other and understanding different viewpoints. This approach prevents minor issues from escalating into major conflicts.

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Effective Communication

Therapy will teach both of you how to communicate and actively listen in a manner that conveys value and understanding. It involves breaking down barriers to ensure you can express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment, leading to clearer and more effective communication.

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Setting Up Boundaries

You'll understand the importance of respecting each other's needs and personal space. Setting clear boundaries is key for maintaining a healthy relationship, ensuring both partners feel respected and secure. Learning how to establish and defend these boundaries will contribute to the strength of your relationship.

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Discovering Triggers

Understanding the root cause of arguments is a significant part of therapy. Recognizing and learning to avoid these triggers will make your relationship smoother and more peaceful. This understanding helps prevent unnecessary conflicts and maintains the focus on supporting each other.

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Learning to Express Feelings

Therapy provides a supportive space for improving your ability to express your feelings. You'll learn how to openly and honestly communicate your emotions, ensuring you feel heard and supported by your partner. This open dialogue strengthens your connection, building trust and understanding.

Rekindle the Magic in Your Marriage!

Take the first step towards a stronger and more meaningful relationship.

Book your initial session with our certified marriage therapists and allow us to support you in building a loving and enduring bond that withstands the test of time.

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Types of Marriage Therapy

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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Solution-focused therapy is an effective approach to help you and your partner find practical solutions to your challenges quickly. It's based on the idea that both of you have the strength to make positive changes in your marriage. Together, you'll focus on what's working and how to build on those successes. This approach instills hope and encourages you to recognize and grow the good in your relationship.

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Gottman Method

The Gottman Method utilizes research-based strategies to help couples build stronger and healthier relationships. It emphasizes the importance of getting to know each other deeply, handling conflicts constructively, and nurturing mutual respect, affection, and understanding. This method equips you with tools to improve your connection and communication, making your marriage more supportive and fulfilling.

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Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling provides clarity and direction for couples uncertain about their relationship’s future. It offers short-term support, honoring both your and your partner's emotions and helping you understand what you desire from your relationship. This therapy equips you with the tools to confidently decide your future together or apart.

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Solution-focused Therapy

Solution-focused therapy is an effective approach to help you and your partner find practical solutions to your challenges quickly. It's based on the idea that both of you have the strength to make positive changes in your marriage. Together, you'll focus on what's working and how to build on those successes. This approach instills hope and encourages you to recognize and grow the good in your relationship.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches couples to improve communication and resolve issues by understanding how their thoughts affect their relationship. It provides practical techniques to modify negative patterns and strengthen your bond.

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Is Marriage Therapy Worth It?

Yes! It can be a game-changer for new or seasoned couples by enhancing communication and solving problems early. According to Dr. John Gottman, a leading marriage expert, couples who seek help before things get tough tend to do better. If you’re open to working on relationship, therapy can deepen your understanding of each other. Furthermore, for those considering divorce, it offers guidance to resolve conflicts or part ways more peacefully.

What Happens During Marriage Therapy?

1. Getting Started

The counselor dedicates time to understanding each partner’s perspectives. They inquire about your relationship’s history, including positive and challenging aspects, and your goals for improvement.

2. Identifying Issues

Together, you will identify the root causes of difficulties in your marriage, whether they involve communication barriers, trust issues, differing parenting styles, financial concerns, or emotional distance. You’ll start discovering triggers that set off arguments, helping you better understand each other.

3. Developing Effective Communication Skills

Enhancing communication skills is a key focus of counseling. The counselor will teach you methods to express your feelings clearly, listen attentively, and understand each other’s viewpoints without becoming defensive or withdrawing.

4. Conflict Resolution

You’ll learn effective ways to resolve conflicts with the counselor’s assistance. You may role-play scenarios that typically lead to disputes and practice new strategies for discussing issues and finding common solutions.

5. Setting Goals and Making Plans

You and your partner will set goals, such as improving communication or addressing individual concerns. The counselor will provide strategies and tools to achieve these goals, suggesting activities to practice at home to strengthen your bond.

6. Implementing Changes

As you progress, you’ll begin incorporating the strategies discussed in counseling into your everyday life. This step is important for making your relationship better. The counselor may assign ‘homework’ or suggest fun activities to help you grow closer.

7. Reviewing Progress

Regular progress reviews with your counselor will allow you to celebrate successes and address new challenges as they arise.

8. Concluding Therapy

Eventually, as you both feel stronger and ready to handle things independently, the frequency of sessions may decrease. Together with your counselor, you will decide when to conclude therapy.

Get Professional Help with Marriage Therapy at Reflections LA

At Reflections LA, we understand that every marriage has ups and downs. Our dedicated team is here to help and guide you and your partner to work through issues and grow stronger. We focus on teamwork, understanding, and practical solutions tailored to your unique relationship. Let us support your journey to a happier, healthier marriage because your marriage matters to us at Reflections LA.

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Your individual needs guide our personalized marriage therapy.

Ready to start a journey towards a happier, more connected relationship with your partner?

Marriage Therapy FAQs:

When finding the right therapy for your marriage, it's important to understand that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Your relationship is as unique as a fingerprint, with its history, challenges, and dynamics. Your therapist might mix and match different techniques to fit the specific needs of your relationship. 

Some popular types of therapy for couples include:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • The Gottman Method
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy

If your partner hesitates, approach the conversation with empathy. Express your desire to strengthen the relationship, listen to their concerns, and highlight the benefits of counseling for both of you.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, but it's not always easy to know when that journey might need to end. There are several signs that a marriage may be over, such as:

  • Frequent and intense arguments
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Different life directions or goals
  • Lack of effort
  • Any form of abuse, such as physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological
  • Emotional disconnection

Yes! Marriage therapy can potentially save a marriage, but it's not a guaranteed solution for every couple. Its success depends on both partners' willingness to participate, the severity of your issues, and the therapist's expertise. While there's no guarantee that counseling will resolve all problems, with the right mindset and dedication, it could significantly strengthen your relationship.

Our services extend beyond Marriage Therapy. We provide support for new parents through postpartum therapy, guidance during times of loss through grief counseling, and provide relief to those facing challenges with anxiety, depression and trauma, and celebrate diverse viewpoints through culturally sensitive therapy. Furthermore, we focus on enhancing relationships with couples therapy and family therapy in Los Angeles, while also empowering personal growth with cognitive behavioral techniques. Additionally, we offer both in-person and online therapy to fit your schedule and preferences.

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