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We recognize that life is a journey filled with twists and turns and moments of profound change. Amid these shifts, we offer a steady hand to guide you through the challenges and opportunities that arise. Our team of compassionate therapists is committed to supporting you on your unique path to healing and personal growth.

We prioritize creating a warm and supportive environment where you can explore your challenges and strengths. Our therapeutic methods are evidence-based, drawing on the latest research and proven practices.We work together to help you navigate life’s complexities and achieve your goals.

Discover Reflections LA

Explore the transformative journey to self-discovery at Reflections LA. Dive into a space where personal growth meets compassionate support.

Sasha Melendez, founder and therapist at Reflections LA

Meet Your Healing Companion at Reflections LA

Sasha Melendez-Goldman

Founder, Therapist

Sasha is passionate about creating a safe environment where you are the expert of your own story.

Utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and a positive lens she will identify and challenge core values and schemas. By bringing awareness to these ingrained beliefs, you will begin to deconstruct negative and painful narratives. Together you will create a meaning and understanding that allows you to reach your full potential.

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